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automation.re helps SaaS companies find leads, iPaaS integrations your customers use and offers competition intelligence.

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More leads and intelligence.

End users find the matching automation tool(s) for their SaaS app. Our free workflow automation database helps them find the potential automations for 2500+ SaaS solutions. A user can choose the SaaS used (e.g. slack, trello), a keyword (CRM, chat) or even an automation tools (Zapier, Make) and find the matching integrations. For SaaS companies, Our premium listing will bring more leads, more sign-ups and less churn for SaaS companies, as well as competition intelligence to make better informed decisions.

We monitor almost every SaaS/iPaaS integration.

Even if that sounds like herding cats, we keep on trying. Our proprietory database comprises 2500+ SaaS companies each, with up to 25 workflow automations (zapier, Integromat/Make and many more). Explore 2500+ SaaS automations.

Better automation intelligence.

We help SaaS companies to analyze their competitors' most popular integrations and steps/zaps. automation.re offers its premium intelligence for SaaS companies in both our free or paid plans.