Embedded iPaaS solutions compared. For SaaS.

automation.re helps SaaS vendors save time and take better decisions.

Offering an embedded iPaaS solution is a cost which translates into less churn, more sign-ups, and upselling clients to higher plans. Letting clients pay twice for Zapier and your SaaS will often be more costly for you, as clients will choose seamless integrations.

Free decision making presentation template for SaaS.

After filling our our short questionnaire, SaaS vendors receive a 10-slide powerpoint presentation which can be adapted for the next board meeting. It includes sections on the various approaches to integrations, their pros and cons, comparisons with your competitors, slides on currently popular connections and recipes with Zapier, Make etc., and much more.

We monitor almost every SaaS/iPaaS integration.

Even if that sounds like herding cats, we keep on trying. Our proprietory database comprises 15+ embedded iPaaS solutions, 2500+ SaaS companies each, with up to 25 workflow automations (zapier, Integromat/Make and many more).