Embedded iPaaS for SaaS. 
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Compare embedded iPaaS solutions. Impartial  help for SaaS vendors.

After starting with Zapier, growing SaaS vendors typically offer seamless native integrations via embedded iPaaS. We compare embedded solutions and advise SaaS vendors, for free. (Embedded iPaaS solution providers pay a small fee for successful leads only.)

SaaS integrations can reduce churn by 50%: Your customers can stop paying for _zapier

Better informed decisions, faster. How it works:

About you

Fill out a short questionnaire to help us to understand your needs. Fully confidential, no need to reveal business secrets.


If needed, we advise and ask for clarifications.

Get offers

You (or we) invite embedded iPaaS companies to submit offers.


You discuss the solutions offered and decide on your future embedded iPaaS.


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