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SaaS integrations can reduce churn by 50%. We help SaaS vendors choose embedded iPaaS solutions or native integrations.

Many growing SaaS vendors offer seamless native integrations via embeded iPaaS in their path to growth and profitability. We compare embedded solutions and advise SaaS vendors, for free. (Embedded iPaaS solution providers pay a small fee for successful leads only. No risk.

Save time and take better informed decisions

Find native embedded integrations in 5 easy steps, and receive our free board room presentation template on pros and cons of embedded iPaaS integrations:

1) SaaS questionnaire

A short questionnaire will help us to understand your needs. Fully confidential, no need to reveal business secrets.

2) Presentation

SaaS companies receive our free powerpoint template to be adapted and used in internal decision making.

3) Free call

If needed, we set up a meeting to discuss your needs and answer questions.

4) Invite offers

You (or we) invite embedded iPaaS companies to submit offers. We suggest suitable solution providers, you decide.

5) Discus offers and decide

You analyse the solutions offered and discuss with your preferred provider.

PS: It's free!

We may receive a commission from embedded iPaaS providers, SaaS never pay.

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Zapier, native integrations or embedded iPaaS?

Use only Zapier? Pros and cons.

Reasons for and against only using Zapier, Make and similar automation companies:

+ Easy to implement

+ Scales well

+ Less churn for customers using integrations

+ Low cost for SaaS

- Medium speed go to market

- Customers pay twice (SaaS and Zapier)

- Customers sign up twice (SaaS and Zapier)

- limited flexibility

- limited control

- On Zapier, your customes see competitors' integrations

Pros and cons of native integrations

– Engineering team builds integrations, not the core product

– Does not scale

– Slow go to market

– High cost (creation and maintenance) per integration

- Slow go to market

+ allows testing user's interest in integrations

+ userful if users require small number of integrations

+ medium to low cost if only a few integrations

+ Seamless single sign on and payment

+ full control and flexibilty

+ Ability to upsell integration in premium plans

+ Less churn for customers using integrations

Embedded iPaaS, pros and cons.

- Possibly high overall cost, esp. for small SaaS with few users

+ Easy to implement

+ Scales well, hundreds of integrations

+ Fast speed go to market

+ Less churn for customers using integrations

+ Seamless single sign on and payment

+ Team can focus on core product

+ Ability to upsell integration in premium plans

+ SaaS not exposed to competitors

+ Often low cost per integration

+ Typically elastic serverless computing able to handle surge of requests

~ Medium to high recurring cost, often recovered by less churn and upselling

~ medium control and flexbility

Our solutions for end users

We help SaaS companies reduce churn with embedded iPaaS integrations (see above). We also also help end users finding the best automation solution, see compare workflow automations, our list of 25+ iPaaS solutions, and the workflow automations of 2000+ SaaS companies.