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Embedded iPaaS solutions. Smarter.

We help SaaS vendors with embedded iPaaS.

Independent advice embedded iPaaS.

Launched in 2022, automation.re focuses on matching SaaS vendors looking for embedded automation with iPaaS companies.

When we started with an end user facing directoy of iPaaS automations (Zapier, Make..) and learned from SaaS vendors that moving one step further and choosing an embedded solution is a difficult and time consumting task.

How we earn money

automation.re may earn a commission from embedded iPaaS vendors for sucessful leads. SaaS vendors do not pay.

About us.

automation.re is a Belgian company based in Brussels. The offiical company name is TP1 sprl, BE-0879.869.875. (Rue Le Correge 29, B-1000 Brussels.)

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