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We help users, SaaS- and iPaaS companies to automate smarter.

For end user.

New and existing users of automation tools fin in our database of 2500+ SaaS applications the matching integration(s) for their SaaS software. Our workflow automation price simualtions shows huge differences in pricing for similar workflows. Most users can easily lower their cost with the same or better functionalities. The database also helps to choose and build backup solutions to ensure business continuity in case one automation tool interrupts its service.


For iPaaS.

iPaaS companies have the opportunity to present their unique selling propositions to both SaaS companies and end users. In a growing market with several new competitors appearing every year, automation.re increases transparency and fosters competition on the merit, not on the marketing budget. Find out more about iPaaS lead generation and marketing.

How we earn money

automation.re may earn a commission from SaaS and iPaaS companies via affiliate programmes, from premium listings and for services such as competition intelligence. End users will never pay.

For SaaS.

SaaS companies can showcase their integrations for free and get visibility and leads. Our iPaaS database also helps to benchmark automation/integration solutions against competitors. As premium offering, we help to increase visibility further, and provide automation advice. See our plans/solutions for SaaS automation.

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