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# 1: Find automations for your apps

Most Zapier competitors also integrate with hundreds SaaS solutions, sometimes for a fraction of the cost. Type the SaaS solutions you use in the search box and find the tools where you could automate. Then compare below.

Search your SaaS integrations:

# 2: Compare automation solutions

Now that you found out that your SaaS integrates with (e.g.) Zapier, Make/Integromat, easyflow and three other tools: Compare features and pricing instantly with our free automation cost simulator. Then choose your automation solution.

Automation intelligence.

We monitor popular zaps/integrations for SaaS companies and their competitors. We analyze which iPaaS automation solution(s) your SaaS platform should use. Save time and make better decisions. More sign-ups, less churn.

Or, just explore and learn:


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