Leads for embedded iPaaS. The first lead is on us.

We match SaaS vendors with embedded iPaaS solutions.

Only pay for success

We recommend suitable embedded iPaaS solutions to SaaS vendors. The SaaS vendors contact you directly and discuss their needs and your offering. If our matchmaking helps you find another customer, we charge a very modest fee compared to the new client's lifetime value. We'll discuss the fee only after we brought the first client.

Embedded iPaaS vendors can of course opt out, and we will generate leads for iPaaS companies willing to work with us. Just contact us or send us an email. (Currently no embedded iPaaS company has opted out.)

We also monitor every iPaaS company on the planet.

automation.re started as a service for end users to find and compare Zapier-like automation. Have a look at our (exhaustive?) list of workflow automation solutions (currently 25), their explainer videos and 25+ detailed iPaaS portraits (valuation, number of intgrations, website traffic). We also list the integrations of 2000+ SaaS vendors with non-embedded) third party iPaaS solutions.