Intelligence for iPaaS. Smarter. Faster. Cheaper.

iPaaS companies find leads, the SaaS-integrations your customers want and competition intelligence.

We monitor every iPaaS company on the planet.

At least, that's our ambition. Have a look at our (exhaustive?) list of workflow automation solutions (currently 25), their explainer videos and 25+ detailed iPaaS portraits (valuation, number of intgrations, website traffic). With that knowledge we offer intelligence and lead generation for iPaaS companies.

More business for iPaaS

We help end users to compare iPaaS solutions for free, and SaaS companies to choose the best integration solutions. iPaaS companies cannot pay for a favourable coverage.

In our enterprise plan we offer intelligence on the iPaaS/automation sector, help iPaaS companies to integrate the right SaaS solutions and to reach out to end users.

Please contact us for a bespoke iPaaS enterprise solution and to ensure that the information we publish is correct and up to date.