At a glance: 25 workflow automation solutions.

Some 25 tools offer software automation. Please have a look below for an overview. Please also watch 20+ explainer videos of workflow integration solution, see here. If you want to dig deeper, a more detailed description of iPaaS automation companies including pricing, website traffic, valuation is available here.

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Zapier has 3m business users and integrates 2000+ apps. Launched already in 2011, it only raised $1.3m venture capital and is now worth $5bn. Its annual recurring revenue is ca. $140m.

n8n is an “open source” faire code workflow automation company which is free for self hosting and with their desktop app. It also offers a paid hosted solution.

Bardeen saves you time by automating repetitive tasks with a shortcut. It combines a powerful workflow builder, AI-based recommendations, and contextual automations.

As cloud-based, no-code service for digital commerce, Alumio helps create integrations between two or more systems. With an easy-to-use interface you can create integrations yourself and help eliminate data silos.

Zoho Flow

Zoho Flow, part of the Zoho Corp, was launched in 2018. It offers 550+ integrations and integrates well with the many apps from Zoho and many other apps.

A drag-and-drop solution to connect apps, analyse data, create automated processes combined with powerful data visualisations.

Citizen automators can automate complex processes through’s powerful, flexible platform with a visual workflow builder. Its users do more, faster.

The integration platform for B2B software companies. Build integrations fast and deliver a native integration marketplace experience to your customers.

Parabola brings the power of programming to everyone. "Your computer should work for you" with their drag-and-drop visual programming platform.

Syncspider offers workflow integration especially for Ecommerce.

Operations Hub

Hubspot Operations Hub (formerly PieSync) offers workflow integration especially in Marketing. It can only be used with a hubspot subscription.

Canada-based Unito received $12m funding and automatically synchronizes your projects, tasks and conversations between different work management tools.

Workato founded in 2013 has received $220m of venture capital and is valued $1.7bn. It has 7000, often large, business customers and does not publish its pricing.

Whalesync lets businesses automatically sync their data across no-code tools. Managing customer data or marketing campaigns made easy.

Microsoft Power Automate

Streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes, with Microsoft Power Automate. Automate anywhere. Anytime.

Pabbly Connect

Connect multiple applications to automate your tasks and create workflows for connecting your favorite application & services without any manual effort.

Integrately is a new challenger founded in 2020 with 700+ apps, is 20 times cheaper than Zapier and easier to use.

Albato is a recent integration company based in Moscow and currently expand their services after a successful launch in Russia and Brazil.

As no-code platform for ecommerce brands alloy build automated workflows that save time and sync data, with a library of 100+ prebuilt user created recipes.

Leadsbridge syncs marketing and advertising tools with over 380 CRM and Email Marketing solutions. It is specifically designed to streamline companies' advertising activities.

“If this then that” IFTTT offers workflow integration not only for software but also for the internet of things. It has received funding of 60m USD.

Headquartered in Estonia, KonnectzIT sees it as the world’s First No-Code Visual Builder Automation Platform. Select, connect and automate applications in minutes.

With butternut’s “human in the loop” operator, users choose the direction workflows should take when things get too complex to be automated.

“Work smarter, not harder and save 1 day per week with free customizable workflows” is assembly’s promise, . Assembly serves 2000+ clients for it HR SaaS solutions.

ConnectMyApps is a software integration platform for small and medium sized businesses that lets you synchronize data between your Accounting, Invoicing, CRM, E-Commerce and other apps.

Wyzebulb lets enterprises automate their business operations by integrating all their applications at one place. Teams accomplish more with less effort in Marketing, Sales or Operations.

The ability to connect and move data using any method and to embed artificial intelligence throughout the platform to proactively recommend integrations and process automations is Sapper’s strong point.

No-code automations that keep humans in the loop so you can scale even the most complex, manual processes.

Paragon provides production-ready integrations that SaaS companies can connect their app in minutes.

appypie lets your business flow while they take care of your app automations, with unique triggers and actions without writing code.

Outfunnel keeps customer data in sync across sales and marketing tools, and records all marketing engagement in your CRM. This helps save time and focus on the right leads.

Connect your favorite applications and automate repetitive tasks. Quabbly helps you move move data between applications automatically.

Streamline complex workflows by automating their activities and tasks; Zap your apps with more than 200+ third-party application., acquired by notion, will shut down soon. It saw itself as the world's easiest workflow automation and iPaaS platform to helps automate repetitive tasks and workflows.

Integromat was founded in 2012 in the Czech Republic and is now part of the German unicorn Celonis. Integromat will be phased out in 2023 and replaced by

As all-in-one platform for automation, with focus on TikTok and facebook ads, Apiway has a different business model. Software vendors buy ads on their marketplace and integrations are free.